From the Sunday “Scaries” to the Sunday Solaces

Ever get the Sunday scaries? The dreads? The blues? Whatever term you use, it is the phenomenon of the anxiety and depression that sets in around mid-afternoon on Sundays, and almost 80% of Americans have experienced this at some point in their lives.

And, not to alarm anyone, but Monday mornings are the highest incidence of heart attacks.

This is real, folks. But why?

“People no longer live by sun and moon, by wind and stars, but by some slyly contrived conventions known as clocks and calendars.” ― Matthew Goldman

As primal beings, we evolved only “working” about 15 hours a week to meet our basic physiological needs which includes finding food and water and building shelters. Additionally this time spent “working” gave us the physical exercise and movement that we needed, in addition to plenty of sunshine, fresh air and connection to nature. The remainder of the time was spent playing with our children, expressing creativity through art and music, and exploring, experimenting and pondering.

And most importantly, we were free. No cubicles, no schedules, no golden handcuffs.

We focused on outcome, not output.

While this isn’t a suggestion to go back to a tribal society or live in a cave, it is meant to explain how our genetic makeup impacts our happiness in the modern world, and what we can do about it, to maximize our experience in this modern world.

So, it is time for Sunday Solaces.

Let’s make Sundays great again.

How about you? Do you experience this phenomenon? Or have you figured out how to structure your life to escape this pattern?

5 thoughts on “From the Sunday “Scaries” to the Sunday Solaces

  1. I have definitely gotten the Sunday Blues. Especially when I have had an incredibly fund weekend and have to slug back to work. That’s why I am working so hard on trying to reach financial independence. Although I am interviewing to see if I can enjoy the path to financial independence a bit more 🙂


    • Hi MSM, Before you reach FI, can you at least start by trying to work at home on Mondays? In the past, that small change has worked well for me. Also, I used to have an ‘alternative’ work schedule where I had one day off every other week. Most people chose Fridays, but I chose Mondays.

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      • Unfortunately work does not let me telecommute 😦 Otherwise I would love to do that. In the past I had a flex schedule that allowed me the opportunity to take off once every other week. But unfortunately that hasn’t worked out in a couple of years due to demands at work.


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