Do You Have Dreams, or Do Your Dreams Have You?

It is that time of year again! This is the time of year, that we make New Year’s Resolutions.

You probably have been watching others all year long thinking I wish I was like them… skinnier, buffer, more productive, happier, funnier, smarter, and the list goes on…

Did you know that the statistics report that only about 8% of goals are usually met? But not you… because you made SMART goals…right?

  • I will lose xx pounds by xx/xx/xx
  • I will blog x days a week for x amount of time
  • I will be more productive by doing x every day/week
  • I will meditate for x minutes every day
  • I will, I will, I will…. I promise, maybe

If you ‘resolve’, you are sending a negative message to yourself…

  • I eat too much
  • I watch too much TV
  • I am not organized

If you can ‘measure’ your goal, it is probably not inspiring.

If you can ‘time-bound’ your goal, you will probably take short cuts.

Instead, think about your DUMB goals…. and start now. Not on Jan. 1st, not on Monday, not tomorrow…. now.

Your dreams should mesmerize you and captivate you. Not time-bind you or suggest you think about ‘reality’.

Dream big, then go after it.

How about you? Do you want SMART goals or DUMB goals? Or maybe you just want to live spontaneously and adventurously???




5 thoughts on “Do You Have Dreams, or Do Your Dreams Have You?

  1. Looks like we went in opposite directions today. I like your DUMB goals idea, but I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. There’s obviously a lot of value in dreaming big and swinging for the fences, but I feel like there is also a place for hitting smaller goals and milestones on the way. You know I’m definitely on the same page as you regarding starting right away, though. No rational reason to wait until January 1 to be a better person.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking post!


    • Hi Matt, sorry for the late response, but I also really enjoyed your post. I think your blog name says it all when it comes to goals: Optimize Your Life. So simple, yet sometimes we make is so complicated. 🙂 I’m glad someone is writing about that!


  2. I instituted my DUMB goal earlier this month. I thought with the time off from work why not start on them now. I have been going to the gym with a trainer four times a week for the past two weeks and plan to hit the gym again another four times. I have to admit I am extremely tired and didn’t know I could be so sore but I am loving it 🙂


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