Stuffed and Starved

The RockStar Community Fund  (RCF) is a challenge to use $20 to help out within your community. They will provide you with $20, or you can use your own. This is a challenge to go beyond just making a donation, but to ‘think outside the philanthropic box’ and make an active contribution to your community.

There are many issues to be ‘solved’ in America, with our food system being high on the list…

  • We live in a world where obesity is a major epidemic, alongside food insecurity.
  • Food in America is wasted at an astonishing rate of up to 30% (some statistics claim closer to 40%).
  • We have plenty of cheap calories, but not enough nutrients.
  • We have plenty of drive-thrus, but not enough communal meals.
  • We can be stuffed with food, but starved in our souls.

There is a trend though in non-profit cafes through You can find a map of current locations on their website to see if there is a café in your city.

Here is one example: Tricklebee Café . They are self described as “A pay-what-you-can community café centered on joy, sustainable/healthy eating, & spiritual renewal.” For the RCF challenge, you can “pay” for your meal and then donate $20 to help provide meals for the homeless and hungry.

They provide local, fresh ‘rescued‘ food in a neighborhood that is only surrounded by fast food restaurants and convenience stores. The local unemployment rate in this neighborhood is 42%.

The best part of this café, is the communal feel. You don’t ‘wait to be seated’; you mingle with community members regardless of race or economic status. You don’t stuff yourself with Americanized meal portions; you savor, fresh, homemade food with new friends, and good conversations.

You nourish your soul with love and joy.

This isn’t just a place to feed the hungry, but rather, it makes everyone feel like a valuable member of their community.

This is the kind of ‘stuff’ that you can’t buy or own. The experience is worth so much more than $20.

How about you? Have you heard of this? Would you support such a mission? 





4 thoughts on “Stuffed and Starved

  1. I’ve read about those kinds of cafes, but never seen one near where I live.I checked out that link and unfortunately there’s none in my state (CT). I think it’s a great concept though, and if there was one nearby I’d definitely visit.


  2. I think I read that there was a pay as you go Panera a couple of years ago. That was my first introduction to that concept but honestly haven’t heard of any other restaurants in my area doing that. I think that’s so awesome though and would love to visit it if I’m every in the Milwaukee area. Sounds like a fun atmosphere to be around. Thanks for sharing!!!


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