“Some Travel, Others Journey”

“Lost is only when you have to go back.” – HolyMoleComics.com (title also)

We are explorers by nature. As we evolved into human beings, we had to move around with the seasons to find food and to let the local ecosystems become abundant again. We have found new lands, sometimes crossing oceans in canoes. Some modern tribal cultures still journey for spiritual reasons. Some religions have pilgrimages.

So, in this modern world, it makes sense that it is in our blood to want to explore, journey and roam.

But our modern lives don’t fit well to this concept: Enter ‘travel’.

  • We race through our careers with only a week or two off each year to then race through all the touristy attractions.
  • We have bucket lists of places to see, as we zip in and out and check them off our list waiting for the next trip.
  • We snap so many pictures, that we forget to be in the present moment.
  • We save and save for that ‘dream’ vacation, then we come back and are as restless as ever in our current jobs.
  • We have to plan and plan and plan our trips to make sure that we don’t miss schedules, bookings and things “to do”.

This is modern traveling, and while it can still be a lot of fun, for many people it doesn’t often fulfill our inner “primal” cravings for a deeper journey.

We all deserve to experience spontaneous, agenda-free traveling, for the journey alone, and not just the destination.

How about you? Are you able to experience slow travel? Or do you feel it is not realistic for most people? Do you have a ‘journey’ in mind for your own future?

6 thoughts on ““Some Travel, Others Journey”

  1. This is really the modern day trap, in a nutshell. It’s all quantity over quality. I am so focused on my need to find the quality in every day – not just sometime in the future when I have a week off of work. I am not always great at this, but I am trying. I love reading well written reminders like this one…


  2. I am hoping in the future that my wife and I can travel and then stay as long as we want in a place before we get bored and move on to our next adventure. That would truly be amazing and we’re hoping that it will be a possibility in the future. Hopefully sooner rather than later 🙂


  3. The modern “adventure” or “Vacation” to me is a joke. Where is the slow down and connection with the outdoors. Why must taking a break be a big money sucking commercialized flight to some huge amusement park or tropical location that enforces the excess of indulgence. Maybe it’s just me but walking in the forest with nothing but my thoughts and my camera is the greatest attraction out there. Nice post Primal Prosperity


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