Manifesto for a “Free Range Nation”

Let’s Envision a Free Range Nation:

  • Adults don’t need to ask permission for time off.
  • Mondays feel no different than Fridays.
  • Creativity isn’t forced into 9-5, M-F.
  • Chronic stress doesn’t exist.
  • We don’t have ‘bosses’, we have mentors and collaborators.
  • We are free from debtor’s prison, job jail and cubicle captivity.
  • We value experiences and adventure over stuff.
  • We make a difference, not just a buck.
  • We make memories, not “to-do” lists.
  • We spend time in nature and play often.
  • We work for passion, purpose and prosperity, not paycheck to paycheck.
  • We value collaboration, cooperation and compassion over competition.
  • We make meaning, not just money.
  • We have inner peace and peace with others.
  • We are fearless.
  • We are happy.
  • We are WELL-thy.
  • We are FREE.

3 thoughts on “Manifesto for a “Free Range Nation”

  1. I have to admit today I felt a little trapped. I am about a week away from starting a new job and I’m trying to keep a good face and push through. I have finalized most of the projects at work and I really wanted to cut out today at 1 to enjoy the rest of the day. Unfortunately I didn’t have the will to tell my boss I was going to take off. She’s giving me such a hard time about leaving her that I didn’t want to feel guilted anymore. So in hindsight I should have just left but guilt definitely eats away at me.


    • That’s too bad that you couldn’t get out early. At least you are starting a new position, which is always fun. But, wouldn’t it be great if employees could have more flexibility in their hours, especially if they are meeting deadlines and delivering results? I think it would make for a much happier, productive, innovative, loyal workforce!

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  2. Most of these attributes are my end goal of building my cubicle free future life-No debts, freedom to explore deeper experience, connection, and learning. Not to have my existence, dress code, language, and mannerisms dictated by my job but rather the reason I am a good fit for the profession. I must admit though, a to-do list is one of my most powerful organization and forecasting tools. Great article.


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