From Cubicle to Coffin

“I would rather picture myself in a coffin, than a cubicle.” – Scientist from the novel “Zoo”

While most of us wouldn’t go so far as to prefer a coffin over a cubicle, a cubicle dwelling life can certainly feel like captivity.

It can be physiologically and mentally unhealthy for us, or at least the slow death of our souls.

It can erode our wellbeing.

It has been observed that animals in captivity develop psychosis. They call it ‘zoochosis’.

We are animals, so there is no wonder that…

The U.S. is among the most depressed countries in the world.

It is our primal instinct to want to escape cubicle captivity, even if society tells us otherwise.

Free yourself from the human zoo.

Are you stuck in cubicle captivity? Or have you freed yourself?

11 thoughts on “From Cubicle to Coffin

  1. At the moment, I am free from cubicle captivity whilst side hustling to make ends meet.

    Admittedly, I enjoy this much more than feeling “stuck” with an hour and a half commute (one way) working 8-6 non-stop through lunch and then commuting back for an hour. Every. Single. Week Day.


  2. I remember feeling stuck everyday. Whether I wanted to enjoy the outdoors on a nice day, or just lay down for a nap on a rainy day, I had to sit in my cubicle with my eyes glued to a monitor. I’m free from the cubicle now, and the freedom is awesome 🙂


  3. Ugh, I know… I hate that feeling of being stuck everyday. It shouldn’t matter if we want to enjoy a part of the day or take a nap, as long as we get our work done. Nice job on breaking free from cubicle life!


  4. It’s not so much a cubicle, as just a desk stacked up alongside more desks. But at least I have noise cancelling headphones for some peace and quiet 😉 I don’t really mind a cubicle that much, to be honest. I’m generally free to work from wherever, get to travel a bit away from my cubicle in my job, and walk around quite a bit to socialise on a normal day, so all in all it’s not too bad.

    Meetings on the other hand, don’t get me started on those.


    • Ah… you bring up a good point about meetings… they are much more like captivity than a cubicle! I once heard a line in a movie say “never attend a meeting that they can start without you.”

      That’s good that you get to move around and work from anywhere. I think that makes a big difference.


  5. Having no control over access to outside light has started to bother me. The gal who sits closest to the window likes the blinds closed all day, and I have no idea if it’s sunny or grey out….it’s just dark all day. *sigh*


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