You lucky bastard – you’re alive!

Have you ever watched the HBO series “Six Feet Under”?

It is a drama about a family who runs a funeral home after the father, Nathaniel Fisher, dies. Nathaniel, however, still ‘comes back’ regularly in the episodes, as a spirit, to talk to the family. Here is a great excerpt from Season 4, Episode 12, where Nathanial is talking to his son David:

Nathaniel Fisher: You hang on to your pain like it means something. Like it’s worth something. Well, let me tell you – it’s not worth shit. Let it go! Infinite possibilities, and all he can do is whine.
David Fisher: Well, what am I supposed to do?
Nathaniel Fisher: What do you think? You can do anything, you lucky bastard – you’re alive! What’s a little pain compared to that?
David Fisher: It can’t be that simple.
Nathaniel Fisher: What if it is?

What. If. It. Is. ?

Whether we are going through a challenge, feeling restless, or think our goals and dreams are unattainable, we have to remember that most of us have the physical capability and the social and financial capacity, to figure out how to do, achieve or have anything we want.

But we don’t. We get paralysis by analysis. Or, we allow fear and “what-ifs” to slip in. We let society dictate our ‘shoulds’, instead of fulfilling our inner ‘musts’. Our big goals become too hard. Or, people tell us it is a dumb goal.

Think about this: What if… you are on your deathbed and you suffer regrets?

Now, that is something to fear.

“I get pretty impatient with people who are able-bodied, but are somehow paralyzed for other reasons.” – Christopher Reeve

We need to find that one thing, that is our biggest, scariest, “dumbest” dream or goal and just go for it.

D.U.M.B.: Daring, Uncomfortable, Meaningful, Bold

Get hungry. Get restless. Get going.

The only risk in life is not taking one.

Since the journey can be just as fun as the destination, we can start the journey by planning and dreaming now. Not tomorrow. Not on Monday. Not on the 1st. Not after FIRE.


What do you think? Can it really be that simple? Do you have a dream that you’re afraid is unrealistic or that you can’t attain? Or, are you already well on your way to planning or actively achieving your biggest, scariest, dumbest goal of all? 

17 thoughts on “You lucky bastard – you’re alive!

  1. Hahaha, I’ve never heard of DUMB goals; this is cool. It sucks because sometimes DUMB goals will get you into a whole mess of trouble. I think it’s about finding a balance between SMART and DUMB goals to live well.


  2. I can totally get behind this logic of thinking. When I found out 2 years ago I had cancer, everything kind of stood still – as if all the sudden a big clock had ran out and my time was up. Now that everything is all good, I look at my time, abilities, and opportunities with a lot more confidence. I know that the biggest anchor to anything I do is my own fear and hesitation. So if I just let that go, then the world better watch out!

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    • Wow, thank you for being so open. I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through that. 😦 But, I am glad to hear everything is all good! 🙂 I’m so with you on the fear and hesitation being an anchor. It takes work to overcome, that’s for sure!


  3. “Get hungry. Get restless. Get going. The only risk in life is not taking one.” – YES!!!

    I’ve had a few goals that I would classify as D.U.M.B. at the time – 2 businesses and a couple mountain climbs 🙂 – things turned out well thank goodness. And now this blogging thing… 🙂

    I’ve found that starting is often the hardest part. Once you start, things begin to flow and things happen. Life happens. If we let it anyway.


    • Kind of like failing, nothing is ever dumb, only trial and error…. as long as you don’t hurt anyone and keep you’re integrity. However, I think the goals that others will tell us are ‘dumb’ will give huge returns if they do succeed and you’ll never know if you don’t try! 🙂

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  4. I never heard of DUMB either! We thought starting a blog was a little risky and figured people in our lives would call us crazy. (They probably do but at least it’s behind our backs.) Fear is a good emotion when it keeps you from touching a hot stove. But many times it’s wasted on thinking about all the bad things that could happen, but never do. If you never take a risk you may lead a totally safe life. Safe and boring.


    • I agree, what kind of a real life do we really have if it is safe and boring? You are braver than I though to let the people in your lives know you have a blog. I learned early on that I can be much more authentic and open with my writing if I stay anonymous to my “in-person” tribe. haha. 🙂 You are right though, that writing on a blog is exciting and definitely out of most people’s comfort zones. And I really enjoy reading your blog!


  5. There is a manager that has a piece of paper hanging on his door that says “You will pass out before you die. Keep going.” I think too often that I am mentally weak and don’t push myself as much as I can/could. Definitely a great reminder!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


    • Well, it is our ‘primal’ nature to want to seek comfort… because we evolved hunting our next meal and fighting off predators. However, in a world where all of our safety and physiological needs are so easily met, we need to actively seek out discomfort. Crazy, I know. 🙂

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  7. Love this post.

    It’s also worth remembering the almost incalculable odds of you actually being alive, next time you are feeling a bit sorry for yourself.

    I’ve read about it a few times more in depth, but it only takes a bit of thinking about to get a sense for yourself: the big bang, earth forming and eventually being habitable, life spawning, complex life evolving, then the ridiculous number of closer ancestors you have surviving to reproductive age and the exact combination of genes everytime to eventually produce you.

    Truly blows my mind every time I think about it!


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