Unfortunately, the eclipse is during a “work day”…


At a recent physics lecture, this is what the presenter said: “Unfortunately, the eclipse is during a work day.”

Again…. Whaaaaaaatttt? This isn’t meant to poke fun at her, but rather at the modern work world.

Are we really going to forgo one of life’s most beautiful natural phenomena for a ‘work day’? We evolved over hundreds of thousands of years paying attention to nature, but the 9-5 office job has only been a ‘phenomenon’ in the last century.

It is easy to achieve ‘financial prosperity’, but “primal prosperity” is much harder in the modern world where we are trying to satisfy ‘societal shoulds’ instead of our ‘inner musts’.

People chase eclipses all over the world, and the great American eclipse on August 21st is going to be accessible by a day’s drive to millions of people. This is anticipated to be the greatest American migration… ever. Are you going to be a part of it?

Answer this quiz and leave a comment on how you will or will not participate:

  • I control my schedule and therefore will be able to see the eclipse.
  • I work in the industry and will participate in paid research.
  • I’m a citizen scientist and will participate in voluntary research.
  • I will be drinking a corona, while watching the corona!
  • Eclipse? What eclipse?
  • I’m too important to take a day off work.
  • I put in my PTO request a long time ago in preparation.
  • I have an F-U fund, so I will not be at work, no matter what my boss thinks.
  • I’m taking my kids out of school (you can learn more from experiences than books).
  • Other (please elaborate!)

So, what are you doing for the eclipse?

8 thoughts on “Unfortunately, the eclipse is during a “work day”…

  1. Bahahaha! Curse the 9-to-5 work schedule! Fortunately I work from home and it’s all right for me to take 30 minutes to watch the eclipse. So, while I’m a full-time suckah chained to my job (for now…), the extra flexibility gives me a few perks.


  2. We are supposed to be able to see 83% eclipse where I live. We bought the glasses and I will step outside from work at the allotted time.

    My kids are at daycare, but they have promised to let them outside when it is go time.

    We love Science at my house.


    • I know. I’ve been planning this awhile, and hearing about the craziness of crowds was not what I want to hear. However, I have a feeling that some of it might be more hype than not. A total solar eclipse has been a ‘bucket list’ item for me for soooo long, that I’ll brave it. 🙂


  3. I will be taking my child and myself out of school. I am (un)fortunately a substitute teacher and will be cough cough sick that day and unable to sub. haha.


    • haha… good for you! You would actually think that schools would be closed to allow teachers and students to participate however they want…. you can’t get quite as much excitement from a book than from experiencing the real thing!


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