“You are not thinking. You are merely being logical.”

Supposedly, Niels Bohr said this to Einstein, while discussing concepts in quantum physics such as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Schrodinger’s Cat. This post isn’t a knock against Einstein, as he was a brilliant man. But this quote explains a lot about we live in modern society and how to use thinking in not just science, but in our personal lives.


Logic is important. After all, you can’t write a computer program, without logic. But it takes thinking to assemble that logic and develop it into a viable deliverable that provides value. Otherwise, garbage in is garbage out.



Logic might tell us that cheap food means easy calories, but it takes thinking to solve the deeper environmental, social and humane problems of providing a secure, sustainable, less wasteful food system.

Logic might tell us that perpetual economic growth is good for our investments, but thinking will uncover that unlimited growth is not sustainable.

Logic may tell you that increasing profits and full pocketbooks are good, but thinking will require you to do so while putting people and the planet first.

Logic might have you believe that it is good to stay within your own social class and race, but thinking is required to create equity and diversity.

Logic might tell us that convenience is good, but thinking will uncover the social, economic and health problems that are created by a society beholden to corporations, machines and comfort.

Logic might tell us that life will be easier and better if we conform to modern trends, and what is considered “normal”….


It takes thinking to live authentically and intentionally.

It takes thinking (and guts) to stand out from the crowd and be vulnerable.

It takes thinking to decide if you are living your life to satisfy your inner ‘musts’, or if are you living to conform and please others, because of societal ‘shoulds‘.


How about you? How do you use logic and thinking in your life?


2 thoughts on ““You are not thinking. You are merely being logical.”

  1. As a student I definitely used to be much more logic based. But I would say that I have come to value thinking more over these past few years in terms of identifying and living in alignment with my values. Finding contentment with my life as it already is definitely requires daily thinking while often tuning out most social norms, which as you write above fall into the logic category.


    • I totally know what you mean about college and school. When I was in college, all I cared about, was getting the answers right, through the right process, so that I could get good grades, but I failed to take the time to really understand some of the harder concepts. I also once read that our brains keep maturing until we are about 40 years old. That is probably why more marriages last when we marry after 40, and why some people go through a ‘mid-life’ crisis, because we are now more into ‘thinking’ about purpose in our lives, rather than just going through the motions. It is probably also why we tend to become more content as we age, because we realize the little superficial things shouldn’t bother us so much. 🙂


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