“Some Travel, Others Journey”

“Lost is only when you have to go back.” – HolyMoleComics.com (title also)

We are explorers by nature. As we evolved into human beings, we had to move around with the seasons to find food and to let the local ecosystems become abundant again. We have found new lands, sometimes crossing oceans in canoes. Some modern tribal cultures still journey for spiritual reasons. Some religions have pilgrimages.

So, in this modern world, it makes sense that it is in our blood to want to explore, journey and roam.

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“Don’t Count the Things You Do, Do the Things that Count”

This title is a great quote by Zig Ziglar, who was a very successful salesman, but also was a big believer in creating meaning in our lives over just making money.

This is the time of the year for New Year’s resolutions to start. Many of us will be frequenting our to do lists, measuring our goals, and tracking our progress. But let’s not get caught up in too much ‘busy’ work and the details, and forget the bigger picture. Because, by February, almost 92% of us will feel we failed at our goals, even if we ‘measure’ ourselves based the traditional SMART goal guidelines.

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