“Don’t Count the Things You Do, Do the Things that Count”

This title is a great quote by Zig Ziglar, who was a very successful salesman, but also was a big believer in creating meaning in our lives over just making money.

This is the time of the year for New Year’s resolutions to start. Many of us will be frequenting our to do lists, measuring our goals, and tracking our progress. But let’s not get caught up in too much ‘busy’ work and the details, and forget the bigger picture. Because, by February, almost 92% of us will feel we failed at our goals, even if we ‘measure’ ourselves based the traditional SMART goal guidelines.

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Stuffed and Starved

The RockStar Community Fund  (RCF) is a challenge to use $20 to help out within your community. They will provide you with $20, or you can use your own. This is a challenge to go beyond just making a donation, but to ‘think outside the philanthropic box’ and make an active contribution to your community.

There are many issues to be ‘solved’ in America, with our food system being high on the list…

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You Can Fear the ‘fire’ or You Can Become the FIRE

Today, Budgets Are Sexy featured a post on FIRE, from the “Primal Prosperity” perspective. How cool is that?!?! Let’s keep the conversation going…

Even if you don’t want to “retire”, you can still get FIRE’d up!

There is a saying: “You can fear the fire, or you can become the fire.”

Those who fear the ‘fire’ have a fear of…

failure. They are afraid that they might make mistakes without a formal corporate structure. They are afraid of setbacks and that their colleagues may surpass them.

insecurity. They are accustomed to steady paychecks and the thought of alternative means of making money scares them. They fear how they will have to ‘explain’ to society ‘what they do for a living’, if they don’t have a fancy title.

… restriction. They think that to have ‘enough’ and to live simply, means they will live in depravation. They don’t understand that chasing more than they really need, can restrict their creative freedom, and sometimes even restrict their happiness.

… escaping. Yes, crazy as it sounds, some people are afraid of escaping. They fear not knowing what they will do with their newfound freedom. They fear that society will think that they are ‘running away’ from being a ‘responsible’ adult, even if the stress is hurting them both physically and emotionally.

Instead, those who become the FIRE, have…

… Freedom: They don’t fear mistakes, but rather, they are grateful to have the freedom to make mistakes. They don’t have to follow the status quo. They can pursue their dreams.

… Intellect: Intellects tend to be very intrinsically secure. Instead, they fear putting security as a priority over intellectual freedom.

… Resourcefulness: They don’t fear restriction. They act. They know how to meet their basic materials needs, and then satisfy their inner musts, with non-material goods. After the basic needs of food, water and shelter, the things in life, that as primal beings, we need in order to thrive, are non-material and free… nature, movement, sunshine, creative outlets, community, learning, pondering, love, sleep, companionship.

… Enough: When you have enough, you can escape and pursue those things that light you up, spark you, and set you on FIRE. You relish in the freedom. You have escaped the people, places, things and emotions that limit you.

How about you? Have you redefined FIRE for yourself? Or, do you like the same old “Financial Independence, Retire Early”?