Living Outside the Box

“You never have to think outside the box, if you refuse to let anyone put you in a box.” – Sir Richard Branson

Many of us live our lives in a series of boxes:

We wake up in our home box, commute in our car/train/bus box, sit in our work box, go to the workout box, shop at the food box, then go back to the home box, to eat out of a box (due to a lack of time).

In addition to physically putting ourselves in a series of boxes, we mentally box ourselves in… titles, schedules, SMART goals, checklists, to-do lists… count, measure, track, compare, repeat…

We are humans, not robots. 

“Nothing is harder to bear, than a succession of fair days.” – Goethe

Just as safety and food security is necessary to meet our physiological needs, our long term emotional needs like happiness, creativity and wellbeing, requires that we:

  • get uncomfortable
  • have variety in our routines, our learning and our working
  • experience environmental changes such as temperature, scenery and weather
  • have the capability to be spontaneous, flexible and resilient
  • insource more movement

When we achieve this balance, then we are truly well-thy.

How do you live and think outside the box?

Manifesto for a “Free Range Nation”

Let’s Envision a Free Range Nation:

  • Adults don’t need to ask permission for time off.
  • Mondays feel no different than Fridays.
  • Creativity isn’t forced into 9-5, M-F.
  • Chronic stress doesn’t exist.
  • We don’t have ‘bosses’, we have mentors and collaborators.
  • We are free from debtor’s prison, job jail and cubicle captivity.
  • We value experiences and adventure over stuff.
  • We make a difference, not just a buck.
  • We make memories, not “to-do” lists.
  • We spend time in nature and play often.
  • We work for passion, purpose and prosperity, not paycheck to paycheck.
  • We value collaboration, cooperation and compassion over competition.
  • We make meaning, not just money.
  • We have inner peace and peace with others.
  • We are fearless.
  • We are happy.
  • We are WELL-thy.
  • We are FREE.

“Some Travel, Others Journey”

“Lost is only when you have to go back.” – (title also)

We are explorers by nature. As we evolved into human beings, we had to move around with the seasons to find food and to let the local ecosystems become abundant again. We have found new lands, sometimes crossing oceans in canoes. Some modern tribal cultures still journey for spiritual reasons. Some religions have pilgrimages.

So, in this modern world, it makes sense that it is in our blood to want to explore, journey and roam.

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